In todays technology and service provision market, the rules are set, and clients are bound to these rules, and the delivery of services are measured based on these rules. These rules have prevented the application of innovation and innovative ideas, because there are no measurements and metrics to measure the innovation.

The only way to beat the competition, is to stop trying to beat the competition. (Professor Renée Mauborgne, an author of the Blue Ocean Strategy)

iSphere Technologies subscribes to the Blue Ocean Strategy, and this strategy, in very simple terms, suggests that in Blue Oceans, competition is irrelevant, because the rules of the game are still waiting to be set.

This strategy makes use of two main components being the Red Ocean and the Blue Ocean, where the Red Ocean is the place where existing markets are established, battle for market segments are in the order of the day, and these markets are heavily focused on the expansion of existing demand.

On the other side, the Blue Ocean suggests a newer market defined by innovative ideas and fresh, disruptive thinking to deliver services and products in a different way, and effectively creating and producing market segments without competition, and thus creating and attracting new demand.

Our approach, based on the Blue Ocean Strategy could best be described by the image below, to illustrate how our fresh approach to service delivery will benefit our Customers from the first engagement with iSphere.